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Laramie County Fire Warden

Laramie County Fire Warden
3962 Archer Parkway
Cheyenne, WY 82009

Welcome to the Laramie County Fire Warden Webpage. Laramie County is comprised of 2,688 sq. miles protected by 8 County Fire Districts, 1 municipal fire department and 2 military( FE Warren/ Air National Guard) Fire Departments. Laramie County hosts a variety of staffing models between the districts/departments ranging from 100% volunteer, combination (paid and volunteer) to full-time paid all trained to respond to all matters of emergency. The Laramie County Fire Warden is appointed by the Laramie County Commissioners and is under the Cheyenne/Laramie County Emergency Management Agency. By State Statute 35-9-402-Fire wardens, or their duly designated representative, shall be responsible for management of fire suppression, fire prevention and related activities, except within any incorporated city, town or fire district, and responsible for coordinating fire suppression and fire prevention activities among all county fire agencies. The Laramie County Fire Wardens Office invites you to this page and encourages you to find out more about fire suppression and the entities that make that possible.

Matthew Butler
Laramie County Fire Warden

(307) 633-4335

Jeanine West
Laramie County Deputy Fire Warden
(307) 633-4333