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Environmental Health April 2021 summary:

The month of April has been one in which Environmental Health has been able to return to a bit of normalcy. Staff have been able to return to doing food safety inspections, recreational water activities, and planning for summer events such as Super Day and Cheyenne Frontier Days etc. Public Health orders currently are limited to large indoor events thus questions and concerns from the public have lessened.

On April 15th Roy and Jennifer attended the 2021 EIMG meeting and Laramie County was awarded $60,000.00. This was another $30,000 reduction. The state has reduced the funds for West Nile Virus control from $135,000 just two years ago. The decreased funding will require additional cutbacks including decreasing aerial larvicide applications and other cost savings measures. Understanding the importance of protecting the public’s health all efforts will be concentrated on minimizing the risk to citizens of Laramie County.

In March, Environmental Health proposed to increase many of our service fees used in the operation of the division. During the month of April, no comments were received in person, by phone or in writing. The public hearing for the increase will be held on May 18th.

The small wastewater program and the rural property inspection program have remained strong during the first part of the year. Well and septic inspections on rural property are ahead of a very busy 2020. Homes have moved quickly in this market even with home prices more than 10% higher than this time last year. Environmental Health staff have remained busy reviewing site plans, business development and new property development (subdivisions) as well.

Several staff also had the opportunity to participate in the Annual Education Conference for the National Environmental Health Association. Because the conference was presented virtually and is recorded, it made access available to more of our staff. The conference provides some of the most updated information, trending public issues and connection with other environmental health professionals in the country.

The monthly statistical report follows:

April 2021

EH April 2021 summary:


Well and septic inspections evaluated were twenty-eight (28), an increase in loans of thirteen (13) as compared to the same period in 2020.
Residential septic permits issued were eight (8).
Commercial septic permits issued were four (4).
Repair septic permits issued were two (2), an increase of two (2) as compared to the same period in 2020.
Septic inspections were twenty-one (21), an increase of zero (0) as compared to the same period in 2020


Plats, Subdivisions, Zone Changes and Variances Reviews:
Staff reviewed seventeen (17) Cheyenne and Laramie County Site Plans.


Food Service Establishment Plan Reviews:

  • Williamson Food ENT
  • Tiny Treasures Child Care
  • Mike’s Saloon
  • Mobile Munchies

Food Establishments - Opening/Closing:


  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit - 1400 Dell Range Blvd.
  • Tiny Treasures Childcare & Preschool - 704 Bent Ave.
  • Kountry Kid’s Early Learning Academy - 3201 E Pershing Blvd.
  • Christine & Co. - 617 W Lincolnway


  • Bright Kids Nationway - 3260 Nationway
  • Bright Kids Bent - 704 Bent Ave.
  • Blessed Beginnings Child Care - 4717 Sullivan Street
  • Smiles 4 Miles - 3201 E Pershing Blvd.
  • Dickeys Barbecue Pit - 1400 Dell Range Blvd.
  • Bright Kids Learning Center - 508 E 17th Street

******All closings were due to a change in ownership or voluntary closures ******

Food Service Inspections:

Food Service Regular Inspections: 21. Total inspections were 124.
Itinerant (temporary) food service permits issued: 16. Issued for the year: 38.
Itinerant Inspections: 0.
Day Care Inspections: 2.
School Food Service Inspections: 5.
Bed & Breakfast Inspections: 0 .


Staff investigated zero (0) communicable disease reported cases.


Staff inspected two (2) swimming pools, spas, or similar installations in April.


Staff inspected zero (0) campground facilities in the month of April.


Staff inspected four (4) body art establishment for the month of April. Zero (0) new body artist was licensed in the month of April.


  • Roy Kroeger attended: Staff, Leadership Team (3), Website Meeting, FDA PFP, Super day Meeting, CLCHD Covid Update, NEHA AEC, Pre- CFD with Weed and Pest (2), CFD Food Vendor, NEHA Officers (2), EIMG Grant, County Planning Pre-App (3), LCCP Housing, NEHA Finance.
  • Jennifer Escobedo attended: Staff, EPI Rounds (4), Pre-CFD Meeting with Weed and Pest (3), CFD Food Vendor, WDA Sous Vide, WFSC, EIMG Meeting, Leadership Meeting, BOH.
  • Tiffany Gaertner attended: Staff, CFD Vendor Meetings, Covid Clinics (4), WFSC, EMA Building, City Meeting (2), GIS, ServSafe Proctor.
  • Kimberly Burgess attended: Staff, CFD Food Vendor, Super day Meeting.
  • Shelby Reinert did not attend any meetings for the month of April.
  • Josie Prince attended: Staff, CFD Food Vendor Meeting, WDA Sous Vide, AEC Planning.
  • Noel Udell attended: Staff.

Roy Kroeger, Kimmie Burgess and Josie Prince attended NEHA AEC.
Noel Udell attended NEHA AEC and REHS Exam.

Approximately twenty seven (27) water samples were drawn for April. Twenty six (26) were satisfactory. One (1) was unsatisfactory.


No human cases of WNV reported to date.


Staff inspected four (4) fireworks stands for the month of April.


Public Health Complaints:

9 Complaints Filed
0 Complaints Abated
8 Active & Pending
7 Inspected with No Further Action Taken
0 Referred to Other Agencies

Respectfully Submitted,

Roy Kroeger, Director
Division of Environmental Health
Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department