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Environmental Health November 2021 summary:

As we move toward the end of 2021 I am thinking back on how different it is than a year ago and at the same time how it really is not all that different. Covid is still the biggest topic on our vocabulary. Last year after Thanksgiving, numbers were starting to spike and this year we are just coming down from a spike in the number of cases. Vaccinations are still a huge part of the daily conversation, if we could convince more people to get a vaccination there would certainly be fewer interruptions in our daily routines.

Our West Nile Virus Emergency Insect Management Grant end of year report is due in a few weeks and we are working closely with the new Cheyenne Weed and Pest Director to get all the info needed for the report. Steven made big changes to the city side of the mosquito control program this year and those all need to be reflected in the final report.

As most of you have seen around town, construction has not let up from this past summer. The same is true with the small wastewater program. Our small wastewater system program and our mortgage inspection programs both are behind the record numbers from last year but are doing well. EH, saw thirty-seven septic permit applications come in during November. I can remember when we were lucky to receive a dozen permits during the winter months.

The annual Governor’s Water and Wastewater Task Force Meeting is held each November and this year was no different. The Environmental Protection Agency, The State of Wyoming Departments of Environmental Quality, Health and Agriculture as well as several local health departments attend the meeting. Laramie County did not have any water systems under investigation by the EPA at this time. Other conversation during the meeting involved increased federal funding for water quality related infrastructure.

Staff continues to hammer away at food safety inspections that so far behind during Covid and then even further behind with the loss of two experienced inspectors. Recently, we were able to fill one of those positions at the beginning of December. As James gets more training under his belt, he will be able to help us get caught up.
As I mentioned last month Environmental Health was applying for food safety grants to help us meet FDA food safety program requirements. We submitted three grant requests totaling nearly $93,000. If time allows I plan to present more information on these grants at the meeting.

Environmental Health also would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a wonderful New Year.

The statistical report for Environmental Health is included below:

November 2021

EH November 2021 summary:


Well and septic inspections evaluated were thirty nine (39), a decrease in loans of twenty three (23) as compared to the same period in 2020.
Residential septic permits issued were thirty five (35).
Commercial septic permits issued were one (1).
Repair septic permits issued were one (1), a decrease of fourteen (14) as compared to the same period in 2020.
Septic inspections were thirty three (33), a decrease of twenty eight (28) as compared to the same period in 2020


Plats, Subdivisions, Zone Changes and Variances Reviews:
Staff reviewed eleven (11) Cheyenne and Laramie County Site Plans.


Food Service Establishment Plan Reviews:

  • Ageless Medical
  • Bello Studio Suites
  • Reflexions Salon
  • Loaf ‘N Jug

Food Establishments - Opening/Closing:


  • Bella Fuoco - 2115 Warren Ave
  • Flower Castle Elevated Wellness - 621 W Lincolnway
  • Dollar General #22848 - 4120 Greenway Street


  • Bella Fuoco - 2115 Warren Ave.

******All closings were due to a change in ownership or voluntary closures ******

Food Service Inspections:

Food Service Regular Inspections: 11. Total inspections were 299.
Itinerant (temporary) food service permits issued 21. Issued for the year: 341.
Itinerant Inspections: 0.
Day Care Inspections: 0.
School Food Service Inspections: 1.
Bed & Breakfast Inspections: 0.


Staff investigated two (2) communicable disease reported cases.


Staff inspected one (1) swimming pools, spas, or similar installations in November.


Staff inspected zero (0) campground facilities in the month of November.


Staff inspected five (5) body art establishment for the month of November. Three (3) new body artist were licensed in the month of November.


  • Roy Kroeger attended: Staff (2), Leadership Team (3), Retail Grant Meetings (4), NEHA Rebranding, CDC Marketing of EH, NEHA BOD, BOH, CIFOR, White Powder Hazmat, Farber/MRV, Fire Safety, RSV Planning, NEHA Policy Committee, EPI Rounds (3), LCCP Housing, CLCHD Branding with West Edge County Pre-App.
  • Jennifer Escobedo attended: Staff (2), EPI Rounds (2), RSV Planning, WFSC, City Meeting.
  • Tiffany Gaertner attended: WFSC Meeting, Staff, City Meeting, Valley View, Fire Safety.
  • Josie Prince attended: Staff (2)
  • Kimberly Burgess attended: Staff (2)
  • Ashton Brodahl attended: Staff (2)

Roy Kroeger, Jennifer Escobedo, Tiffany Gaertner, Kimberly Burgess, Josie Prince, and Ashton Brodahl attended Fire Safety Training.

Approximately fifty nine (59) water samples were drawn for November. Forty nine (49) were satisfactory. Ten (10) were unsatisfactory.


No human cases of WNV reported to date.


Staff inspected zero (0) fireworks stands for the month of October.


Public Health Complaints:

10 Complaints Filed
0 Complaints Abated
3 Active & Pending
7 Inspected with No Further Action Taken
0 Referred to Other Agencies

Respectfully Submitted,

Roy Kroeger, Director
Division of Environmental Health
Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department