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Body Art establishments are businesses that provide body art procedures. Body art refers to the practice of physical body adornment by establishments and artists utilizing, but not limited to, the techniques of body piercing and tattooing.

Body art is very popular and in order to decrease the risk of the transfer of blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or H.I.V., the establishments are inspected annually under the Cheyenne-Laramie County Board of Health Rules and Regulations for Body Art Establishments.

View health inspection reports here:

Body Art Establishment Inspections


Body Art Rules & Regulations

Body Art Plan Review
Body Art Establishment Application
Body Artist Application
Guest Body Artist Application
Special Body Art Event Application


  • Who needs a license to perform body art procedures?
    Any person who pierces or tattoos another person for an exchange of something of value needs a health license, and also a city business license if operating in the city.
  • Will my body art establishment need an inspection prior to the issuance of an establishment license?
    Yes. Your plans will need to be approved by Environmental Health. After a Plan Review is completed, the shop must be set up for full operation with all equipment in-place for our visit. An establishment license application is completed after a Plan Review or after a change of ownership with annual renewal. City Clerk or other departments may have additional requirements. EH performs annual routine inspections.
  • Do individual body artists need a license separate from the establishment license?
    Yes. Application as posted above – all forms are also available in our office. Artist applications shall include an employer sign-off, health statements regarding communicable disease and Hep B vaccination, and bloodborne pathogen certification. These licenses are renewed annually.

Artist licenses are not site-specific. Establishment licenses are site and owner specific. Licensed artists working in Laramie County may operate only in licensed establishments.

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