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Mission Statement
The mission of this division is to promote and protect human health and well being and foster a safe and healthier environment through assessment, policy development, and assurance.

What is Environmental Health?
The Division of Environmental Health is charged with the responsibility of surveillance and control of Environmental Health programs that affect our daily lives, such as food, water, sewerage, disease investigations and more recently, All–Hazards Response√ā¬†events. These are just a few of the major Environmental Health concerns that our trained Environmental Health Specialists are responsible for, while enhancing and protecting the health care needs of the citizens of Cheyenne and Laramie County.

Environmental Health Programs include: food safety in permanent and itinerant food facilities, rural property evaluations, wastewater permitting and inspections, drinking water safety, daycare and school health, mobile home park and RV park inspections, swimming pool sanitation and safety, recreational sanitation, disease control, public health nuisance abatement, All Hazards Response, and other miscellaneous investigations, surveillance and inspections.

The well–qualified staff consisting of five Environmental Health Specialists, and an Office Manager, under the direction of the Program Director and Supervisor handles program activities competently and efficiently. Full and complete lines of communications are essential to the inspections, consultations, investigations, plan reviews, evaluations, sampling and training activities involved in maintaining this successful program designed to fulfill the mission of the Cheyenne–Laramie County Health Department.

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