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GIS Mission

  • To serve customers by facilitating and maintaining collaborative relationships.
  • To provide & maintain current accurate geographic information continuously improving our products and services.
  • To provide the analytical and decision making tools that best meet environmental health staff and the customer's needs.
  • To educate, support, and empower customers in the effective use of our geographic information via our website.
  • To use GIS as a tool to reduce operating costs and create a more efficient workplace.


GIS & Mapping Services were first used in Environmental health in 2000 for the purpose of building a system capable of efficiently and effectively meeting the organizations and publics geographic information needs.

The program's goals and objectives are to:

  • Strategically coordinate human, capital, & fiscal resources within the department.
  • Eliminate data redundancy and duplicate effort, improved by service the availability, access, and use of geographic information.
  • Agree to data sharing within the City and County GIS Cooperative, other public agencies, and private businesses.
  • Provide applicable data whenever possible.


Environmental Data Mapping
The department has committed to creating and sharing environmental health data with the Cheyenne/Laramie County GIS Cooperative. Environmental Health data includes well water quality, septic system permitting and sizing, radon in water and air, mosquito control areas, homeland security information and others as needed.

Web-based Data Sharing

In 2001 the Cooperatives GIS Website was funded substantially by the EPA's EMPACT Grant awarded to the Division of Environmental Health. That grant has enabled the cooperative to share much of its non-proprietary data via a public website. Environmental Health provides data on rural water quality, septic systems, radon levels and other environmental health related data via the site.

Environmental Health Logistics and Support

This areas purpose is to provide GIS information to public health and other government agencies so that they can make a more educated decision in policies that affect the health and environment of Cheyenne and Laramie County. The service area is dedicated to providing educational services to staff, public officials and the general public.

Laramie County GIS Data Sharing Sites

Laramie County GIS website