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Temporary Food Events

Goal: To protect against health hazards associated with temporary food service events.

Your temporary food event may or may not require you to take out a temporary food service permit. Please contact our department to determine if a permit is required. Bake sales are exempt as long as no potentially hazardous foods are served.

The license fee for temporary food stands is $50.00 and is valid for that event or 14 days only. You may be required to fill out a questionnaire and commissary letter for your event. This will add to the time required to process your application, so please allow adequate time when submitting your application. If you will be sampling products at an event the form is slightly different.


Wyoming Food Rule


Application for Temporary Food Service License
Temporary Sampling Application

Other Legislation:

Wyoming Food Freedom Act
Food Freedom Act Q&A
Wyoming Traditional Food Act

More Resources:

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