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To safeguard the public's health from food-borne illness, by assuring that food is prepared and served to consumers in a safe, wholesome and unadulterated manner, and by promoting food safety compliance with management training and state and local regulations.

The food safety program protects public health by: working to reduce the factors that cause most food-borne illnesses; ensuring that food sold and served to the public is wholesome, free of contamination and spoilage; and promote compliance with state food safety laws and regulations through education and enforcement.

Our professionals:

  • Licenses and inspect restaurants, grocery stores, delis, concession stands, bars, mobile food units and prepackaged food sales.
  • Review construction plans and inspect new or extensively remodeled food establishments and ones that are changing owners.
  • Provide food-borne outbreak investigations and follow ups on consumer complaints
  • Assist food recalls by alerting local retailers and checking stores for recalled products.
  • Coordinates food safety training for restaurant managers and staff in partnership with Wyoming Food Safety Coalition.
  • Maintains the public online food services inspection database.


View Laramie County Food Rules


Plan Review Application

Current Establishment Inspections

Restaurant/Day Care Inspections

Policies and Forms

Health Policy (English)
Health Policy (Spanish)
Vomit/Diarrhea Policy
No Bare Hand Contact Guide
Calibration Log
Cooling Log
Equipment Temperature Log
Food Temperature Log
Sanitizer Log

Manager Certification and Training (every establishment preparing PHF/TCS foods shall have a Certified Manger by January 1, 2019)

Approved Manager Certification Courses and Exams

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