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Building Permit Applications, Handouts, and Fees

Incomplete Applications can not be accepted
Correspondence to the Building Department (such as inspection requests, questions, comments, applications, engineering documents, open hole reports and other building permit related items) should be directed to the Building Department general mailbox. All correspondence should include the address or legal description of the property, the permit #, a brief description of what is being sent and to whom it is intended.

Building Email:
Building Inspection Phone #: (307) 633-4615
Request an Inspection Online: Schedule Inspection


Commercial: New, Addition, Renovation
Commercial: Sign
Request to Re-Open Permit Form
Revision to Building Permit Form


Accessory Living Quarters Supplemental Form
Counter: Plumbing / Mechanical / Electrical / Gas
Alternative Energy
Building Master Plan Review
New Residence for Master Plans
New Residence and/or Addition
Detached Accessory Building
Fire inspection
Permission to Build
Renovation and/or Basement Finish
Request to Re-Open Permit Form
Revision to Building Permit Form
RV Living Request

Manufactured Homes

Moving a Manufactured Home in Laramie County

Pre-Move Inspection
(Required for all homes that are 20 years old or older)

Manufactured Home Set
Request to Re-Open Permit Form

Building Handouts


Click here for the adopted fee schedule.

Other Agencies involved with Building in Laramie County

  • Access and Culvert Permits - Laramie County Public Works (307) 633-4302
  • Small Wastewater Permits (septic systems) - City/County Environmental Health (307) 633-4090
  • Well Permits - State of Wyoming Engineer's Office (307) 777-6163
  • South Cheyenne Water & Sewer District - South Cheyenne Utilities (307) 635-5608
  • Call Before You Dig (800) 849-2476