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Planning & Development

Welcome To Laramie County Planning and Development

Laramie County Planning & Development Office
3966 Archer Pkwy  Cheyenne, WY 82009

Phone #: (307) 633-4303
Planning Fax #: (307) 633-4616
Inspection Requests #: (307) 633-4615
Request your Inspection Online: Schedule Inspection
Building Fax #: (307) 633-4519
Nuisance & Building Violations #: (307) 633-4303

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Realities of Rural Living Information
Lone Tree Planning Records
Political Sign Regulations
Laramie County Planning & Development Office
Moving Manufactured Homes in Laramie County
FY23 Adopted Development Fee Schedule
FY23 Adopted Building Fee Schedule


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Attention Apple Users
The building permit plan review comments are created using Adobe software. Apple users will need to download and open their plans in the Adobe Reader App in order to see those comments and stamps.
1. Install Adobe Reader from the App store
2. Open the PDF and tap the SHARE icon on the tool bar
3. Copy to Adobe Acrobat (this will open the document)