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Junior's Program

Shooting is a skill sport…tests coordination and movement control

Shooting is a participation sport…everybody can take part

Shooting is an Olympic sport….shooting is the third most popular Olympic sport

Shooting is a safe sport…the rifle is a piece of sports equipment treated with special respect to safety

Shooting is a lifetime sport…a perfect small bore score was shot by an 80 year old

Shooting is a sport for everyone…Men, women, boys, and girls can participate

Shooting is a sport for persons with a wide variety of disabilities…the NRA can modify positions for the shooter with disabilities

MOST IMPORTANT…Shooting is a sport that teaches life skills…




Goal Setting

Here is a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you teach in the program?
The junior is taught the safe handling of all firearms along with marksmanship skills of a .22 caliber sporting or field rifle while progressing through a series of NRA sanctioned ratings. The junior is rewarded with patches, rockers, parchment certificates and medals for each level.

How many junior's programs do you offer?
Laramie County Shooting Complex offers 3 juniors programs ranging from beginner to expert.

The beginner program is entirely shot from a bench rest/prone position so the instructor can focus the shooter on basic shooting fundamentals. The shooter progresses through a series of ratings. The junior is rewarded with patches, rockers, parchment certificates and medals for each level.

The intermediate program is more challenging and begins to introduce the shooter to additional shooting positions. The 3–position course teaches prone, kneeling and standing positions. The shooter progresses through a series of ratings. The junior is rewarded with patches, rockers, parchment certificates and medals for each level.

The expert program is the most challenging and is shot from a standing position. Again, the shooter progresses through a series of ratings and is rewarded with patches, rockers, parchment certificates, and medals for each level.

What can kind of rifle can the shooter use to fire the courses?
The shooter can use any safe single shot, bolt action, or semiautomatic .22 caliber rifle. In addition, the shooter may use any sights on the rifle including metallic, electronic, or optical. Yes that means you can use a telescopic sight or scope.

Does the program furnish ammunition?
No…each shooter must supply their own ammunition and bring enough for each session.

What else does the shooter bring to each session?
The shooter must bring his/her hearing and eye protection. If the shooter wears prescription glasses the lenses meet federal safety standards and additional safety glasses are not required.

Who is teaching the program?
The instructor is an NRA certified rifle instructor and has taught junior shooters for a number of years. Many of those shooters are now shooting in NRA matches and some many have placed in the top 3 in both state and regional competitions.

How long is the program?
The programs are approximately 20 weeks in length. The program takes place on Sundays from 2pm–4pm.

How does the shooter know where he/she is with regards to their progress in the program itself?
The instructor keeps a "master lane assignment" which shows the progress of every shooter respective to that shooter's program.

When are the rewards earned?
The rewards are earned and presented the following week for any shooter who has completed a level. It is important for the shooter to be recognized and rewarded as soon as possible.

Where is the range located?
Take the Archer exit off I–80 and proceed west. You will come to a roundabout… take the EAST exit of the roundabout and follow the road about 1–1 1/2 miles to the range.

How much does each program cost?
The program costs $50 per student

Are there any age limits for the programs?
Yes…the junior must be between the ages of 11-17. The junior does NOT qualify for the program if their 18th birthday falls before the program ends in (Month junior's program ends)

How do I sign up for any of the programs?
Call or come to the range to signup.