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Becoming A Volunteer

A volunteer is someone who gives time, talent, energy, skills, and experience, for which no payment is received. Volunteering is spending the precious gift of time, out of the belief that all have the ability to benefit others and the community. Thanks to volunteer programs, like these, the Laramie County Shooting Sports Complex is able to offer low-cost, self–supporting programs that serve the community as a whole. Volunteering is essential to a society that is dynamic and positive.

Our philosophy towards volunteer programs is one of mutual benefit. In return for the skills, interest, talents, and enthusiasm that the volunteers contribute to enhancing service offered, each volunteer will be provided with training and a meaningful valuable work experience. As a Volunteer you will be given the tools to provide first class customer service to ensure that the experience of our patrons reflects this vision. Volunteers can also earn range use time for the volunteer and family.

Volunteer Range Safety Officers assist the Laramie County Shooting Sports Complex Safety Officers at all indoor and outdoor ranges. Duties include overseeing the firing lines, monitoring shooting safety, and greeting shooters at each range. Volunteer Range Safety officers are trained by staff in the most current range safety techniques and the safety rules of each range.

To participate in this program a volunteer must:

  • Be a certified range safety officer
  • Have or be willing to obtain First–Aid/AED Certification
  • Have considerable firearms experience
  • Have the ATTITUDE necessary to create a positive, safe shooting experience for all members and visitors to LCSSC
  • Have no legal restrictions for firearms use or handling

All individuals interested in becoming a volunteer must complete an application and provide proof of RSO certification and first–aid/AED certification. An interview is also required. The manager reserves the right to limit volunteers. If accepted in the volunteer program at Laramie County Shooting Sports Complex, volunteers must sign an indemnity waiver.

A limited number of volunteer RSOs will be given the opportunity to earn range use privileges during their volunteer period.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Event Organizers/Planners
Help us to plan and organize fun and educational events at the range for community members. Providing safe, fun recreation for the community is a priority at Laramie County Shooting Sports Complex.

Stuff envelopes, distribute literature, give demonstrations, compile databases, write press releases, and go door to door. Encourage sponsorship of the range and all of its events.

Customer Service
Help out at the front desk or during large events. Make everyone feel welcome!

Do you like to tinker? Create? Fix Things? Build things? The range need your help for everything from hanging displays to building target frames, etc.

Do you have a green thumb? Enjoy gardening? The range needs volunteers for planting and maintaining plants to prevent soil erosion, create shade, decrease noise, and make a more welcoming facility.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Laramie County Shooting Sports Complex – Opening mid–July!

The Laramie County Shooting Sports Complex will be opening its doors mid–July and is holding a grand opening celebration on August 18th. Volunteers are needed in many capacities including Range Safety Officers, Event Organizers, Fundraising, Customer Service, Maintenance, Construction, Landscaping, Gardening, etc. Help out during regular range hours or only for special events. Long–term commitments are not required. Contact Kevin Burns, Manager for additional information (307) 775-7484.

Volunteer Application
Volunteer Waiver