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Contact Info

Sheriff Brian Kozak


Brian Kozak
Telephone: 307-633-4715

Undersheriff Chance Walkama Telephone: 307-633-4712

Office Manager
Amber Shroyer
Telephone: 307-633-4715

Peggy Bishop
Telephone: 307-633-4784

Central Booking

Civil Process
Telephone: 307-633-4727

Community Relations
Brandon Warner
Telephone: 307-633-4751

Detective Division
Sgt. Ryan Martinez Telephone: 307-633-4789

Chief Deputy Perry Rockvam
Telephone: 307-633-4736

Lt. Jennifer Stephens
Detention Security

Lt. Joann Young
Support Services

Juvenile Detention/Crisis Center
Lt. Tim Johnson

Inmate Programs

Telephone: 307-633-4758

Maintenance Supervisor
Mark Hollenbach
Office 307-633-4822 Cell 307-214-4594
Fax (307) 633-4728

Medical Services
Telephone: 307-633-4748

Chief Deputy Aaron Veldheer
Telephone: 307-633-4773

Lt. Robert Gaskins
Telephone: 307-633-4725

Lt. Jeff Lambing
Telephone: 307-633-4761

Austin Holcomb
Telephone: 307-633-4735

John Eastman
Telephone: 307-633-4805

Telephone: 307-633-4800 Fax records requests to: 307-633-4723

Sex Offender Registration
Amanda Comeaux
Telephone: 307-633-4733

James Biggs
Telephone: 307-633-4718

Victims Assistance
Tracy Walton
Telephone: 307-633-4762

Deputy Contact Information

The following numbers are for the voice mail of each Deputy, and are only checked on their work days.

Sgt. Gillott
Telephone: 307-633-4849

Sgt. J. Grimm
Telephone: 307-633-4860

Sgt S. Johnson
Telephone: 307-633-4846

Deputy Cregger
Telephone: (307)-633-4865

Deputy Deprimo
Telephone: (307)-633-4867

Deputy Fertig
Telephone: (307)-633-4851

Deputy Funari
Telephone: (307)-633-4836

Deputy Gebauer
Telephone: (307)-633-4840

Deputy Groendal
Telephone: (307)-633-4857

Deputy Grove
Telephone: (307)-633-4856

Deputy Grover
Telephone: 307-633-4847

Deputy Hansen
Telephone: (307)-633-4850

Deputy Harrison
Telephone: 307-633-4837

Deputy Hauf
Telephone: (307)-633-4860

Deputy Herlihey
Telephone: 307-633-4855

Deputy Huebner
Telephone: (307)-633-4861

Deputy R. Konegni
Telephone: 307-633-4706

Deputy Jacquot
Telephone: 307-633-4836

Deputy Kidd
Telephone: 307-633-4835

Deputy Lahart
Telephone: (307)-633-4839

Deputy Lawhead
Telephone: 307-633-4854

Deputy Lee
Telephone: 307-633-4862

Deputy G. Martinez
Telephone: (307)-633-4858

Deputy Mosbacher
Telephone: 307-633-4852

Deputy Parker
Telephone: 307-633-4841

Deputy Poteet
Telephone: (307)-633-4832

Deputy Puente
Telephone: 307-633-4866

Deputy Smale
Telephone: 307-633-4859

Deputy Wilson
Telephone: 307-633-4848

Deputy Wright
Telephone: 307-633-4853

Deputy Wyskochil
Telephone: 307-633-4836

Deputy M. Young
Telephone: 307-633-4864