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$5000 hiring bonus for Detention Deputies!

Please click here for information on how to apply for jobs with the Laramie County Sheriff's Office.
Click here to read the EEOP Utilization Report

“Straight to the Street” hiring event.

No prior experience necessary.

Dates of the Testing Process

Applications Close: Thursday, June 22nd at 1300

Written Test: Wednesday, June 28th at 0800

Physical Fitness Assessment: Wednesday, June 28th at 1000

Interviews: Wednesday, June 28th starting at 1300 - 1700. (if successful in the PT and Written test)

Interviews continued: Thursday, June 29th starting at 0800 - 1700

Written Exam

  • A valid picture ID is required to take the exam.

This is a general knowledge test designed for people with no prior law enforcement experience or law enforcement background. The exam consists of 4 parts;

Math - Calculators not permitted. Questions are in the form of story problems:

  • Example- You make a traffic stop on a vehicle that was traveling 17 miles per hour over the speed limit. If the fine for speeding is $120.00 plus $4.00 for each mile an hour over the speed limit, what is the total fine? A) $120.00 B) $140.00 C) $188.00 D) $178.00

Spelling - Select the misspelled word:

  • Example- A) barricade B) alcohol C) misdemeanor D) corenor

Grammar - Make the correct grammar correction.

  • Example “At approximately 0800 hours the suspects returned to there car.”

Reading Comprehension - After reading a report you’ll pick the best option to complete the sentence:

  • “Protect yourself by wearing, A) gloves B) sunglasses C) lotion, when you grab a bloody rag.”

*This information is provided by the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office and is only a reference for the Written Exam. It is not endorsed by WY POST, nor are the examples actual questions on the exam.

Physical Assessment

Applicants who have successfully completed the written exam must also pass a physical training (PT) test. Applicants need to bring a photo ID, water, and wear appropriate attire for physical activities/current weather conditions.

The PT test consists of three activities:

1. One Minute Sit-Up Test: The score is calculated by the number of bent leg sit-ups performed in 1 minute.

2. One Minute Push-Up Test: The score is calculated by the number of push-ups performed in 1 minute.

3. 1.5 mile run: This is a timed run.

For more details on the fitness standards, go to:

Oral Board

For applicants who successfully complete the written exam and PT assessment, oral boards will be scheduled at the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office that afternoon.

Deputy Selection Process

  1. Physical Agility Assessment (Based on Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy Standards - SEE BELOW)
  2. Ergometric Testing- For Juvenile Services Officers only
  3. Formal Oral Interview
  4. A Conditional offer of employment may be offered after successfully passing steps 1-3.
  5. Extensive Background Investigation
  6. Drug Screen
  7. Pre-Employment Polygraph Examination
  8. Medical Examination
  9. Psychological Examination
  10. Administrative Review

Sheriff Deputies are required to attend the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy, at the department's expense, for the WLEA basic course for officer certification within one year of being hired. This course is 8 weeks long for detention and 12 weeks for patrol. Persons currently certified, either in Wyoming or other states, may not need to attend all the basic academy courses. This depends on the length and type of academy attended, dates of law enforcement employment and other factors. However, Wyoming Peace Officer's Standards and Training (POST) will require certified out-of-state applicants to pass a challenge exam and/or other requirements to achieve Wyoming Certification, as well as attendance at specified courses at a minimum.

The Laramie County Sheriffs' Office has no requirement or obligation to hire any individual. Disqualification for employment consideration may occur at any phase of the hiring process. Laramie County is a drug-free and equal opportunity employer.

Interested applicants may apply through