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Child Restraint Enforcement Guide

Proper Child Safety Seat Use Chart

CITE: W.S.S. 31-5-1303(a)


* Child who has not reached his/her ninth birthday
* Applies to all drivers. Applies to privately owned, leased or rented noncommercial passenger vehicles.
* Child must be secured in vehicle seat other than front seat except in vehicles with one row of seats or if all safety belts are in use by other child passengers.
* Child must be properly secured in restraint and it must be properly installed, both as per manufacturer's instructions.
* Restraint must conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 for child restraint systems.
* Applies to residents and non-residents.
* Primary offense. Non-use or misuse are reasonable suspicion for stopping a vehicle to investigate a suspected violation.


* Child within age requirements if the lap and shoulder belt fit properly across the collarbone, chest and hips of child and does not pose danger to the neck, face or abdominal area in crash or sudden stop.
* Physician's signed statement, carried in the car, certifying that the child should not be secured in a child restraint system.
* Vehicles that were not equipped with safety belts at time of manufacture. (Passenger vehicles before Model Year 1967/Vans & trucks before Model Year 1972).
* Emergency, and law enforcement vehicles.
* School buses including private or church, used to transport children as well as buses or other vehicles, used for public transportation manufactured without seat belts.
* The driver is rendering aid or assistance to the child, parent, or guardian.


CITE: W.S.S. 31-5-1402


* Applies to all occupants.
* Safety belt must be properly adjusted & fastened.
* Not a primary offense, the traffic stop must be made for other reasons.
* Applies to all motor vehicles.
* Driver is responsible for passengers under twelve (12) years of age to use restraints.
* Up to $25 fine for violation for driver.
* Passenger unbuckled may be issued a citation and fined not more than $10.00.
* If safety belt is being used by driver and passengers, the driver will receive a $10.00 reduction in bond/fine when cited for other violations of Wyoming Motor Vehicle Laws. (Title 31 Statutes.)
The officer shall indicate on the citation if the driver and passengers were in compliance with all occupant restraint laws.


* All vehicles which were not equipped with safety belts at the time of manufacture. (Passenger vehicles before Model Year 1967 / Vans & trucks before Model Year 1972).
* Any person in a vehicle in which all operable safety belts are being used by other passengers.
* Any child properly secured in a child safety seat system in accordance with W.S.S. 31-5-1303. (7-1-2003)


* Keep back and buttocks against seat back.
*Keep shoulder belt on the shoulder resting snugly over the chest and lap belt low accross the hip/upper thigh.
*Keep knees completely bent over the edge of the vehicle seat.
*Keep feet flat on the floor, and able to stay comfortably seated this way for the entire trip.

Additional copies needed contact:

WYDOT - Highway Safety Program
5300 Bishop Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340
Phone: 777-4199