County Departments

Building Maintenance

  • Telephone307-633-4388
  • Alternate Phone307-633-4341
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  • The Laramie County Building Maintenance Department coordinates the activities of our Building Maintenance Technician and Custodial staff. Our entire staff takes pride in performing quality repair and maintenance of Laramie County facilities as well as daily custodial upkeep for all tenants residing in our buildings.


    Election information for Laramie County

    Emergency Management

  • Telephone307-633-4336
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  • The Cheyenne/Laramie County Emergency Management Agency takes a proactive role in potential disasters and emergencies, either natural or manmade, for the purposes of "Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Mitigation and Protection" of Cheyenne, Laramie County and its citizens.


  • Telephone307-633-4284
  • Finance

    Fire Warden

  • Telephone307-633-4335
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  • The Laramie County Fire Warden is appointed by the Laramie County Commissioners and is under the Cheyenne/Laramie County Emergency Management Agency


  • Telephone307-633-4201
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  • The main duties of the Grants Department are to develop, prepare, and submit grant proposals to federal, state and local agencies for the various departments of Laramie County.

    Human Resources

    Laramie County Human Resources seeks to attract, develop, and retain the highest quality workforce with the organizational capacity to identify and meet the dynamic requirements of our citizens.

    Laramie County Building

  • Telephone307-633-4303
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  • The function of the Building Department staff is to ensure that all structures are built according to the adopted codes and resolutions, to provide safe and healthy home and work environments for the people of Laramie County.

    Laramie County Planning

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  • The Planning staff evaluates and processes development proposals, acts as the administrative arm of the Planning Commission, works on special projects such as updating regulations and the Archer Complex, assists residents with their zoning and subdivision questions and partners with citizens and organizations to develop and implement plans that guide the County.

    Public Works

  • Telephone307-633-4302
  • Road & Bridge, Parks & Grounds, Maintenance

    Shooting Sports Complex

  • Telephone307-775-7484
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  • Laramie County Shooting Sports Complex provides the Laramie County public with easily accessible facilities, modern equipment, and quality instruction to encourage family participation and fellowship in shooting sports. Laramie County Shooting Sports Complex emphasizes firearms safety, youth programs, corporate events, recreational and competitive shooting.

    Treatment Courts

  • Telephone307-633-4530
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  • Drug Court is a treatment-focused program targeted to offer intensive rehabilitation services to high-risk and high-need criminal defendants identified by treatment court professionals as having substance dependency diagnosis.