Public Works

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Road & Bridge, Parks & Grounds, Maintenance

Welcome to the Laramie County Public Works (LCPW) website and thank you for visiting.  Our main office is located within the Archer Complex east of Cheyenne.  LCPW serves approximately 2,733 square miles of beautiful Wyoming landscape.  Elevations range from 5,300 miles above sea level in the eastern side of the county to 8,000 feet above sea level in the western side.  A near perfect square 65 miles east/west and 45 miles north/south, Laramie County has an immense number of gravel and paved roadway miles to maintain year-round.  

Public Works’ equipment fleet continues to expand to meet the increasing needs of the County.  You may see any of our motor graders, snowplow/sand trucks, water trucks, mowers, belly dump tractor trailers, paving equipment, and more on the roads at any time.

A dedicated and committed staff includes:

  • 1 Director
  • 1 Assistant Director
  • 6 Supervisors
  • 4 Administrative Support
  • 2 Team Leads
  • 6 Fleet Maintenance Personnel
  • 17 Heavy Equipment Operators
  • 17 Equipment Operators/Laborers 

Our team is responsible for:

  • snow and ice control
  • crack and chip sealing
  • asphalt pot-hole patching
  • pavement striping
  • sign maintenance
  • gravel road grading and surfacing
  • dust mitigation
  • right-of-way mowing
  • tree and shrub trimming
  • culvert installation and drainage control
  • guardrail maintenance.

Public Works asset list:

  • approximately 1,200 miles of non-paved, gravel roadway
  • approximately 250 miles of paved, asphalt roadway
  • structures including large and small culverts and bridges
  • signs

Laramie County Public Works’ mission is to provide residents, businesses, and visitors with high-quality, efficient, and responsive services on County roads so that they can travel safely, pursue recreational interests, and enjoy living in a more sustainable environment.


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For all Clear Creek Park information contact Laramie County Events Department at 307-633-4670.