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Public Works (PW) strives to work closely with residents, contractors, utility companies, other government entities, and the like, to follow the standards set forth in the Laramie County Land Use Regulations (LCLUR) and practice appropriate permitting procedures.

Projects requiring a permit could include access/approaches, utility crossings (wet and dry), signs and mailboxes, new road construction, and oversize/overweight commercial motor vehicles.

The regulations provide safe and efficient access between streets and adjacent property, safety of traffic in the streets, and safety of pedestrians on sidewalks and alongside rural roads.  These Standards are intended to provide for consistency in design of new developments and to maintain a high level of service on roads and streets.

What type of Permit do I need?

Access control regulations standardize and regulate the location, size, type, construction, maintenance, and number of curb cuts, and driveway approaches.  Work shall not commence on the construction, alteration, repair or removal of any driveway approach or the paving of any parking strip on any street, road, alley, or other public place in the county without an Access permit first having been obtained from PW.  PW shall issue permits upon approval of the application and payment by the applicant of all required fees.

Contractors, public agencies, utility companies and other persons working in the right-of-way (ROW) shall obtain a Utility permit prior to restricting any traffic from any portion of a public street, alley, or sidewalk.  Utilities include but are not limited to overhead, aboveground, and underground water, sewer, fiber, electric, gas, telecom, etc.  This permit is required for a partial or complete closure for a period of one hour or more.  Developers shall contact PW before any work commences on a public ROW.

Public improvements shall be designed in accordance with the LCLUR.  Street/road improvements shall be managed by PW.  Construction for any new street/road within a proposed county subdivision/development shall not begin until the applicant has applied for and been issued a ROW permit.  Construction plans shall be submitted in addition to traffic safety plans if necessary.  Completion and final acceptance or approval of a street/road is required prior to issuance of building permits.

Any new mailbox installation that does not conform to the LCLUR 3-5-114 will be required to apply for a general permit.  PW will determine if the proposed installation interferes with the safety of the traveling public or the function, maintenance, or operation of the road system. 

All signs require either a building permit from Laramie County Planning and Development or a general permit from PW. 

Any commercial motor vehicle load hauled on Laramie County roads that exceeds the legal weight and size limitations prescribed by Wyoming State Statute for State Highways is required to have an OSOW permit issued by Laramie County (WWS-31-5-1002).

  1. Oversize Vehicles: The fee shall be $25.00 minimum + $0.03 per foot, per mile on any load that is more than 8’6” wide, 14’ high, and/or 60’ in length, single or in the combination.  The carrier shall provide escort if directed to do so by Public Works.
  2. Overweight Vehicles: The fee shall be $40.00 minimum + $0.06 per ton, per mile on any load that is more than 80,000 pounds per the statutory limits with no maximum fee.


SmartGov Online Permit Portal

Public Works has transitioned to SmartGov for online permit processing.  You may apply for your permit through the portal via the link below.  If you have any questions, please call the office during our normal business hours, Monday - Thursday, 6:00am to 4:30 pm. (307) 633-4302. 

SmartGov Permit Portal