Treatment Courts

About the Laramie County Treatment Court programs:

Laramie County operates two separate and distinct treatment court programs, the Laramie County Adult Drug Court program and the Laramie County DUI Court program. Both programs have a proven track record that demonstrates that substance abuse and mental health treatment services, combined with intensive community supervision, can assist program participants find a life of stability, health, and recovery. Treatment court programs are considered the most successful criminal justice intervention programs used throughout the United States and in Wyoming. Seven out of ten participants that graduate from a Laramie County Treatment Court program never get re-arrested for any new criminal offense.

Elements of the Treatment Court programs:

  • Rapid Intervention
  • Immediate Access To Treatment
  • Systematic and Coordinated Approach To Treatment
  • Judicial Leadership
  • Frequent and Direct Contact With Treatment Court Team Members
  • Use of Incentives and Sanctions to support or discourage participant behaviors.

What is Drug Court?

Drug Court is a treatment-focused program targeted to offer intensive rehabilitation services to high-risk and high-need criminal defendants identified by treatment court professionals as having substance dependency diagnosis. The court creates an environment with clear, certain and definite rules that are easy to understand, based on the participant’s performance, and measurable results.  Compliance is wholly within the individual’s control.

The Laramie County Drug Court Program Mission Statement: The mission of the Laramie County Drug Court is to improve public safety and strengthen our community foundation. Through intervention, quality treatment, and intensive supervision we will interrupt the cycle of addiction for substance abusing offenders.

Drug Court Goals:

Goal I: Use an outcome-based approach to provide a continuum of care for eligible substance abusing offenders.

Goal II: Decrease substance abuse related crime by interrupting the offender’s cycle of substance abuse.

Goal III: Mobilize and effectively manage community resources and support services to encourage a productive, healthy lifestyle.

What is the Laramie County DUI Court?

The Laramie County DUI Court is a treatment court specifically designed to address the threat that repeat DUI offenders, or offenders with dangerously high BAC’s, pose to the Laramie County community. The DUI Court's goal is to confront the substance abuse issue underlying the repetitive pattern of offenders of driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs.

Laramie County DUI Court Mission Statement: The mission of the Laramie County DUI Court is to use a comprehensive, coordinated, and pro-active approach to reduce the threat impaired drivers in our community. By utilizing a wide-ranging and dynamic approach, we will effectively reduce the number of repeat impaired offenders on our streets.

DUI Court goals:

Goal I: To provide sentencing options to all Laramie County Courts to administer certain cases stemming from Driving Under the Influence (DUI) convictions and utilize continuing judicial oversight, supervised probation, and comprehensive treatment;

Goal II: To reduce repeat impaired driving offenses in Laramie County while promoting offender accountability, responsibility, treatment attendance;

Goal III: To promote effective agency interaction and coordination of resources among criminal justice administration, governmental agencies, and community organizations to reduce the number impaired drivers on our roadways.

At all times, the Laramie County Treatment Court programs shall align with, and not contradict or supersede, generalized judicial statutes legislated and determined by the State.  The Laramie County Treatment Court programs shall work cooperatively with local, traditional court systems to enhance appropriate referrals and to coordinate court schedules and hearings as appropriate.

For more information concerning the Laramie County Adult Drug Court program you can contact Kurt A. Zunker M.S. 309 W 20th St. Suite #2300, Cheyenne, WY 82001 307-633-4530


For more information concerning the Laramie County DUI Court program you can contact Fernando Muzquiz 309 W 20th St., Suite #2300, Cheyenne, WY 82001 307-633-4588


Department Head

Kurt Zunker