Property Tax Exemption Form

Note: Please read the following before continuing on to the form…


The exemption application must be submitted with the pertinent information filled out in order to be considered for any exemption on real or personal property. Exemption will only be considered for the year listed on the form and future years. Past years will not be any part of the application. Exemptions are NOT retroactive!

  • Item 1: Name of individuals or corporations who own the property and percent of ownership if appropriate. This is as it is listed on recorded deeds or other instruments.
  • Item 2: Legal description and address of property. The parcel number used by the Assessor's office may be used in place of the legal.
  • Item 3: If personal property is to be included in the application, provide a listing if there is more than will fit on the form. If the personal property is a mobile home, list the serial number in addition to the make, model, and size.
  • Item 4: Explain how the property is used and any comments to support the exemption request.
  • Item 5: Cite the specific statutes which you feel qualify the property for exemption.
  • Item 6: Supply clear copies of all documents or information that support your claim for exemption.

    Note: The application must be signed and dated, and your address and phone number must be provided for us to process your application. You will be notified in writing of the review and status of the exemption.

    Tax Exemption Application(PDF, 451KB)

For information or assistance call (307) 633-4307
or FAX (307) 633-4474. Please mail the application to the address on the form or return it to:

Laramie County Assessor
309 W 20th Street
Room 1100
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001