Frequently asked questions about titling


As of Jan 1, 2010, all motorized watercraft must have a title in order to be registered by Wyoming Game and Fish. If you purchase a boat from a state that does not title boats, you will need the following:



Filing a Lien on a Vehicle

If you sell a vehicle and allow the buyer to make payments, you can protect yourself by filing a lien on the title. You will need to bring the following to the County Clerk’s office:

Releasing a Lien from my Title

For all Wyoming titles, the lien must be released by the County Clerk’s office in the county that filed the lien. Bring the following:


Lost/Duplicate Title

If you lose your title, you can apply for a duplicate by completing an application for duplicate title(PDF, 372KB) and submitting it to our office with the appropriate fee. 

The application must include the following: 

  • Year, make and vehicle identification number.
  • Notarized signatures of any one person listed as owner on the face of the title.


Mobile/Manufactured Homes

If you own a mobile or manufactured home and are not sure if ownership was transferred into your name, complete the following steps:

  1. Contact law enforcement and set up an appointment to have a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection(PDF, 164KB) conducted.
  2. Contact WYDOT to have a title search performed.

If you still have questions after you have completed steps 1 and 2, call our office for further guidance 307-633-4247.

Contact our office prior to proceeding with the checklist. These steps may not be required in your specific situation.

Mobile & Manufactured Relinquishment Customer Checklist(PDF, 142KB)
Manufactured Housing Affidavit(PDF, 87KB)
State’s Affidavit(PDF, 76KB)


Multi-purpose Vehicles

Definition of Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

  • Is designed to travel on at least four (4) wheels in contact with the ground.
  • Has an empty weight of at least 300 pounds but less than 3000 pounds.
  • Has a permanent upright seat or saddle for the driver which is mounted at least 24″ from the ground.
  • Has a vehicle identification number (VIN).

New MPV from Dealer 

To title a MPV purchased new from a dealer, you will need:

  • The MSO signed by the dealer with the signature notarized.
  • The MPV Checklist(PDF, 221KB).
  • Wyoming Sales and Use Tax Statement (required from a Wyoming dealer).
  • Bill of Sale.

Pre-Owned MPV with Wyoming Title

To title a previously owned MPV with a Wyoming Certificate of Title, you will need:

Pre-Owned MPV with No Title

To title a previously owned MPV that has no certificate of title, you will need:

Bring photo identification.


Name/ownership Changes

There are too many variables to give accurate information without reviewing the title in question, and our staff cannot provide legal advice. Transfers on death can be complicated by the number of owners or the type of ownership specified on the title. To get the best information, call 307-633-4247 or visit the Titles office.

Ownership change due to divorce

  • If you have possession of the title and the other owner is willing, both parties can sign the back of the title as sellers, having their signatures notarized.
  • The title can then be issued in the name of the party who was awarded the vehicle in the divorce settlement.
  • If you do not have possession of the title or the other party is not willing to sign as seller, present a certified copy of the divorce decree, including the property settlement provisions, when applying for a title.
  • The year, make, and vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle must be specified in the divorce decree.


Odometer Disclosure Statement

Effective Jan 1, 2021, an odometer disclosure statement is required for vehicles model year 2011 and newer. The odometer disclosure statement on an MSO or title must be completed or a separate Odometer Disclosure Statement(PDF, 86KB)  must be presented.


Salvage Titles

Salvage to Rebuilt

The owner of a vehicle with a title branded “salvage” issued by Wyoming or any other state may be issued a title with the brand of “rebuilt” after obtaining a rebuilt decal from WYDOT. WYDOT will require the following:

After receiving the rebuilt decal and placing it on the vehicle as directed by WYDOT, a certificate of title branded “rebuilt” may be issued by providing the following to the County Clerk’s office:

Salvage/Branded Title (Example:  Hail)(PDF, 87KB) (PDF, 87KB)  (PDF, 87KB)



As of Jan 1, 2010, all trailers must have a title in order to be registered. This includes small trailers weighing less than 1000 pounds and homemade trailers. 

To get a trailer titled in your name, you will need one of the following:

  1. A properly signed title with all signature(s) notarized; or
  2. If you buy a trailer from a state that does not require trailers to be titled, or you buy a Wyoming trailer that was not previously titled (prior to Jan 1, 2010), you will need a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection(PDF, 164KB) and an Affidavit of Ownership(PDF, 301KB) completed by the seller(s) and their original previous trailer registration.



For vehicles located in Laramie County

  • A vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection(PDF, 164KB) done by a Wyoming dealer if the vehicle was in their inventory or by law enforcement with access to the NCIC system, if vehicle was purchased from an individual or from an out-of-state dealer.
    • Cheyenne Police Dept – 415 W 18th St 307-633–6524.
    • Laramie County Sheriff’s Dept – 1910 Pioneer Ave 307-633–6524.
    • Wyoming Highway Patrol – 5300 Bishop Blvd 307-777-4321.
  • If the vehicle is not running or is a trailer over 20’ long, call for an onsite inspection. Inspections are completed as possible between other calls and are subject to cancellation. Appointments cannot be scheduled.
    • Police Dept if located in the city limits (Wednesday only).
    • Sheriff’s Dept if located outside the city limits (7 days a week during daylight hours).
  • Show proof of ownership (dealer invoice or bill of sale) and photo identification


Hull identification number (HIN) inspection(PDF, 164KB) done by local law enforcement or by Wyoming Game and Fish – 307-638-8354.

Homemade boats or those manufactured before 1972 need to have a hull identification number (HIN) assigned by Game and Fish307-777-4638.

State-Assigned VIN for homemade/restored/rebuilt vehicles

All vehicles must have an identification number before a title can be issued. If the vehicle you have is a homemade trailer, a kit car, or one that has been restored or rebuilt using parts that include the vehicle identification number from a different vehicle, you will be required to get a state-assigned vehicle identification number (VIN) from WYDOT