Live Stream and Video Archive

The meeting may be viewed through streaming video at this site. Citizens who wish to participate in the meeting by providing public comment on specific agenda items, may do so here through two methods. The first is by opening an account to make such comments, and the 2nd is through Facebook.

Participants need to be aware that there is a brief time lag between what takes place in the meeting and the appearance of it on your screen. Commenting is allowed both before the meeting and up to the end of the meeting. The current technology allows one comment per participant per agenda item.

Participants are encouraged to keep their comments as directly on point as possible. All comments made will become a permanent part of the public record of this meeting. Comments directed to specific agenda items will be read aloud at the meeting. Due to time constraints, and depending on volume of comments, not all comments made on any particular agenda item may be read at the meeting.

Comments need to be in accord with the Laramie County comment policy. (see below)


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Comments and postings violating the above policy may be deleted. Deleted comments will be retained.

Comments and information provided are considered Public Records under Wyoming law and are retained in accord with the archival regulations of the Wyoming Department of Administration and Information.  The appearance of external links does not constitute official endorsement on behalf of Laramie County.