Property Tax General Information

The property tax department is the central collection point for all taxes and fees coming into the county. While not all inclusive, a list of major department functions are:

  • Collects property taxes
  • Collects mobile machinery tax and issues appropriate decals
  • Receives sales, use, severance, gasoline, cigarette and other miscellaneous taxes from the state
  • Issues tax status for mobile home title transfers
  • Issues tax status for mobile home movement applications
  • Records, tracks and redeems property tax liens on real property
  • Receives all county office and department fees

The Treasurer's office does not:

  • Determine the amount of taxes (Assessor's office determines value)
  • Change record owner on property assessments (Assessor's office, but only with properly recorded documents)
  • Change record address on property assessments (Assessor's office)
  • Record deeds, property transfers, and contracts of sale (Clerk's office)