Jury Service FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions

Cell phones are NOT allowed upstairs in the courthouse so please leave them at home or in your car.


Proof of Service Certificates are prepared and mailed with checks at the end of each trial.


Doctor Appointments, Planned Vacations or Seminars

The Court realizes that from time to time jurors need to request temporary absence from jury service. These absences are generally for appointments with a physician, scheduled vacation time, business obligations, etc. The Court will make every effort to accommodate temporary absences during your term, but these absences DO NOT constitute a valid reason for being excused for the entire term. Excusal requests need to be in writing in advance and may be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to:

Clerk of District Court Office
Laramie County Governmental Complex
309 W 20th St, Suite 3206
Cheyenne, WY 82001
307-633-4277 (Fax)
Please identify yourself as a juror when requesting excusal by fax or e-mail.



Permanent Excusal

When requesting a permanent excuse, you must personally submit it in writing. Do not have your employer write a letter for you.


Medical Excusal

If you are requesting a medical excuse, you must have a note from your doctor. The Court cannot call and verify your medical condition with your doctor.

Address Excuses to

Clerk of District Court Office
Laramie County Governmental Complex
309 W 20th St, Suite 3206
Cheyenne, WY 82001
307-633-4277 (Fax)

Note: Please be sure to include your address and your telephone number.

Note: Please do not ask to be excused on the morning of trial, as it is too late except in the case of an extreme emergency like an illness or death in the immediate family.



How will I Know When to Report

Jurors will be notified by phone, either at work or home. Jury trials generally are set on a Monday, and you will be called on the Friday before.
However, if the trial is set for Tuesday, you will be called on Monday, and so forth. We regret that we cannot give you more notice than this, but trials are often settled as the trial nears.A message on an answering machine/voice mail is considered notification.



The Laramie County Governmental Building is a non-smoking building.


Formality of the Court

During the periods you are called to serve as a juror, we ask that you use good judgment in attire (no shorts, must wear shoes, etc.), and to observe the rules of etiquette in the Courtroom in order to maintain the dignity and formality of the Court.No food or drinks allowed in the Courtroom.


Protection of Jurors' Employment

W.S. 1-11-401 (a) "No employer shall discharge, threaten to discharge, intimidate or coerce any employee by reason of the employee's jury service, in any Court in the State of Wyoming.



Attendance Certificate

If you need to provide your employer with proof of attendance, please ask someone in the Clerk's office to prepare a certificate of attendance.



In case of an emergency while serving as a juror, your family may reach you by calling the Clerk's office 307-633-4272 and we will deliver a message to you.