Cheyenne mayoral candidate Victor Miller

Published on July 05, 2024


Registered voter, Victor Miller, candidate for mayor of Cheyenne, is on the official Laramie County ballot.  There is no Artificial Intelligence (AI) candidate running for office in Laramie County. 

Victor Miller, by his own admission, filed as a candidate for mayor of Cheyenne, and his name will appear on the 2024 Primary Election ballot, pursuant to the clear letter of Wyoming law. 

Mr. Miller’s application, submitted in person and certified by the City Clerk of Cheyenne, listed registered voter Victor Miller as a candidate for mayor.  Wyoming law requires that only qualified electors can be candidates. 

 Wyoming law, to eliminate voter confusion, may allow the name by which a candidate is generally known to be printed on the ballot.  Laramie County elector Victor Miller is not generally known as VIC. 

Victor Miller, through countless interviews and statements to media, has consistently maintained a distinction between himself as a “meat avatar” and separate from the AI-program he chooses to call VIC.  To allow VIC to be listed as a candidate would both violate Wyoming law and create voter confusion.  VIC is not a registered voter.   Therefore, VIC cannot run for office in Wyoming and the name does not appear on Laramie County’s official ballot.



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