How do I get a title on my vehicle?

New Vehicle Purchased From a Dealer

A new vehicle comes with a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO). A licensed franchise dealer can assign ownership to the buyer by signing the back of the MSO and having their signature notarized. If the dealer’s signature is not notarized, state law requires it be rejected.

In most cases, the dealer will forward your paperwork to our office. If you are financing the purchase, your paperwork may come from your financial institution. When we receive your paperwork, we will send you a letter notifying you to come to the office to sign the application for title.

If the dealer or lender gives you the paperwork, bring the following documents to our office:

  • The original MSO signed by the dealer (signature must be notarized).
  • The Sales/Use Tax form if purchased from a Wyoming dealer.
  • The Odometer Disclosure Statement(PDF, 302KB).
  • Completed Dealer Reassignment or title application.
  • Photo identification.


Used Vehicle Purchased From an Individual

If you are purchasing a vehicle from an individual, always ask to see the title. You will need the following:


Used Vehicle Purchased From a Wyoming Dealer

To transfer the title of a pre-owned vehicle currently titled in the state of Wyoming, you will need the following:

  • All persons whose names are on a Wyoming certificate of title must sign in the presence of a notary to sell a vehicle.  However, for Wyoming titles issued on or after Jan 1, 2020, the notarized signature of only one party is required if multiple owners’ names are joined by “or” and are not designated as JTWROS.
  • Make certain that any liens noted on the front of the Wyoming title have been released by the County Clerk or the seller must give you a lien release or termination statement from the lienholder.
  • The Odometer Disclosure Statement(PDF, 302KB). (For more information, see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT TITLING)
  • A Wyoming sales and use tax form.
  • Photo identification. 


Used Vehicle with an Out-of-State Title

If the title you receive has a place for the seller’s signature to be notarized, then the seller needs to sign it in the presence of a notary public. (Some states do not require notarization of the seller(s) signature.) 

To be issued a Wyoming title in your name, you will need the following:


Vehicle Located Out of State

When a Wyoming resident purchases a vehicle out-of-state and needs to obtain a Wyoming title, you can complete the process by mail (Laramie County Clerk, Titles, 309 W 20th St, Suite 1502, Cheyenne, WY 82001). We recommend you keep copies of any original documentation sent by mail.